Virtual Awaba (Lake Macquarie)

Virtual Awaba (Lake Macquarie)

Ever wondered what Lake Macquarie looked like 250 years ago?

With the power of virtual reality, you can now take a journey back in time to when the people of Awaba (Lake Macquarie), traditional owners of this land, were the sole inhabitants of the region. The name ‘Awaba’ means “place of flat or plain surface”.

Discover three scenarios, each telling a different story from Lake Macquarie’s Aboriginal history. These virtual experiences allow users to feel as though they have truly stepped into a time machine and emerged in the past.

Discover these virtual worlds now!

Choose your preferred 360° video from the options below and click the links to begin. Press play, and use your cursor to look in any direction. For the full experience, make sure your sound is turned on.

1. Niridiba - Moon Island


2. Malangbula - Swansea Heads


3. Kurrurkurraan - Blackalls Park Petrified Forest