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Nine Mile Beach is the long sandy stretch of coastline between the popular patrolled beaches of Redhead in the north and Blacksmiths in the south. The most popular activity on Nine Mile Beach is 4Wdriving, this requires a permit which can purchased online from the Belmont Wetlands State Park website (copy and paste www.belmontwetlands.com.au into your browser) or from selected local retailers. Please see the Belmont Wetlands State Park website for a list of current retailers. See photo above for an example of the beach access permit sticker installed correctly on a vehicle. 4Wdrive access is only permitted via Awabakal Ave, Blacksmiths or Kalaroo Rd, Belmont North. Pedestrian access to Nine Mile Beach is free. Please note, this beach is not patrolled.

Mobile: 0428 101 667

Map & Directions

Awabakal Ave, Blacksmiths, 2281