Love Your Lake - Swansea and Caves Beach

Swansea & Caves Beach

Sea Caves at Caves Beach

Surrounded by water, Swansea is the perfect destination for a classic seaside holiday. Where the ocean meets the lake, Swansea Channel is a renowned fishing spot, ever popular with local and visiting anglers. Enjoy a meal at the Swansea RSL and take a walk along the channeland take in the lake views.

With its namesake caves at the southern end, Caves Beach is a truly unique beach experience. Explore the caves and rock pools at the southern end of Caves Beach, accessible at low tide or just soak up the ocean views while enjoying the dining and entertainment at Caves Beachside Hotel.

Don’t miss

- Explore the sea caves at Caves Beach

- Enjoy a walk along the stunning Caves Beach coastal walk

- Try your luck fishing in the Swansea channel

What you'll find in Swansea & Caves Beach: