Love Your Lake - Redhead & Dudley

Redhead & Dudley


Located at the northern end of a 15km sandy stretch of coastline, Redhead is a popular patrolled beach known for its iconic red rocky headland and wooden shark-lookout tower. Surfers will love Redhead and its great surfing conditions. Take a stroll along the boardwalk and enjoy the scenery and local wildlife.

Unpatrolled, but unspoilt is popular surfing beach Dudley Beach. A fossilised forest can be seen in the rock platform at the southern end of the beach and nature lovers will enjoy exploring nearby Glenrock State Conservation Area.

Don’t miss

- The natural beauty of Dudley Beach and the surrounding forest

- A walk along the Ken & Audrey Owens Walk at Redhead

- A surf at stunning Redhead Beach

What you'll find in Redhead & Dudley: