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Wangi Wangi Flora and Fauna Reserve

Location: Wangi Wangi Point, NSW
Phone: 4921 0740

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Wangi Flora and Fauna Reserve - where cylists and walkers can share and enjoy bushland tracks.


The reserve is primarily a passive recreation area with the walking trails having been designed to protect the environment whilst at the same time provide the visitor with the opportunity to enjoy the variety of vegetation types and the visual experiences found in the reserve.

There are four main walking tracks:
CIRCUIT TRACK: From the entrance turn left and follow the track to the Kookaburra Cove. The dam wall will take you to the day use area and the Tourist Park. The track continues with a right hand turn into the forest. The view is east towards Swansea. The track will traverse areas of native grassland, grey myrtle shrub and remnants of rainforest gullies. The track then links with the "Easy Walk" a short distance from the entrance. Walking Time, approximately 1 hour.

GULLY TRACK: Gully Track takes you through an area of regenerated bushland. Several newly established rainforest plants can be found on closer inspection. From the entrance turn right and follow the broad track to Wangi Point. This track affords various views of the lake with a rest seat at the end of the point. Return on the same track. Walking time, approximately 30 minutes.

BOTANY TRAIL: From the entrance turn right. Follow the sign across the broad track to the waterfront of Wangi Point South side. Walk along the waterfront towards the point. Take the stairs and at the top turn left towards the main entrance or right to the Wangi Point Circle Track. Remnants of littoral rainforest are found on the west side of the point with Rusty Fig, Blueberry Ash and Pittosporum dominating the vegetation. Follow the "Easy Walk" back. Good fishing and swimming are available along the waterfront. Walking time, approximately 1 hour.

RIDGE PATH: Turn left from the entrance. Follow the sign to the rest seat at Mokondi Lookout. From here extensive areas of the lake and the Pacific Ocean can be viewed. The path leads back to the entrance via the "Easy Walk". Walking time approx 45mins.

THE PENINSULA TRACK: Starts at the Dobell Lookout and follows the ridge to the four World War II gun emplacements. It continues and crosses the Reserve Road into the Wangi Point "day use" area. From here a turn right will take you onto the circuit track and a left turn onto the foreshore walk on the northern side of the peninsula.

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Directions and Map

From Sydney, Take Morisset/Cooranbong exit,follow signs through Morisset to Wangi and right turn into Summerhill Drive.
From Newcastle follow signs through Toronto to Wangi and left turn into Donnelly Road then follow
signs to Wangi taking Watkins Road